Omniscope Evo Business – annual licence



For publishing data insights to your audience and developing custom integrations, analytics and visualisations.

Includes everything in Pro and:

  • Editors and Viewers shared or named seats
  • Host and share reports with your audience
  • Extensible with custom Python / R / JS
  • Big Data ready, live query on SQL databases
  •  Visokio support: Live help (Zoom, Meet)

Automation add-on:  Scheduler app & Workflow API
Schedule workflow execution and data refresh. Automate publishing via Workflow API

Browser-based app for scalable and extensible data processing, analytics and visualisation, on any device.

Evo, the next generation of Omniscope, written from scratch to solve scalability, embracing machine learning and providing a fresh and smart experience.
The best tool to collaborate on workflows and share dashboards on the web.  It’s open, so augment data workflows with custom Python / R scripts and enhance reports with any JS based visualisation (eg. from D3).

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