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Ninja Support

Visokio offers the “Ninja Support” service to provide instant educational, diagnostic, and performance assessment consultancy and support via email, video (screen sharing) and phone calls.
Regardless of the complexity of your Omniscope installation or data solution, the service is delivered by our expert team to make sure we get you sorted as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

Omniscope Training

Tailored training sessions delivered online – focusing on specific use cases, scenarios and data challenges relevant for your organisation. We train users to create logical data schemas and pipelines to solve simple or complex data problems and fully automate data preparation, analysis and visualisation. No previous knowledge is required - we will upskill business users or analysts to utilise Omniscope’s data toolbox and obtain answers from data.

Tailored Workshops

Let's work together! Focusing on the problem first: reviewing the data sources, processes and existing reporting strategy in your company. Helping you leverage Omniscope and ‘best practice’ policies to automate data management and minimise time and effort. This also means that ‘raw data’ is transformed into insight within a few minutes or seconds. Setting data quality validation and remedy mechanisms, so you can have full confidence in your data and rely on the insights based on it to make data-driven business decisions.

Custom Software Development

Visokio dev team can help you add bespoke re-usable data connectors, analytics and preparation blocks created in R and Python, and build new functionality to perform custom data transformations, statistical analysis or connect to any API or data source.
On the dataviz side our developers can augment your chart choices with JS visualisations from libraries such as D3. New visualisations will be seamlessly integrated into the dashboards and be responsive to filtering and interaction.

Co-Design Data Solutions

Tight deadline - difficult task? Visokio BI specialists, data scientists and analysts can act as your own team’s extension - to work on specific projects to design and build data solutions in a minimal amount of time. Users in the company will be fully trained during the process, so they will be able to maintain, edit and improve the solution in future.
Collaboration on steroids, whether virtually on Slack + Zoom, or in person.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Visokio experts can help transform the way your business handles information and communication. We will show you how to manage your data and produce instant insights for all departments in your organisation, allowing you to share, collaborate in real time and access accurate data to make informed decisions.
Automation will ensure minimal resource expenditure, while everyone has access to the same source of truth, with all the security processes in place. Become a more connected, efficient and smarter organisation!