Unified data processing, analytics and reporting
Pick the right tool for the right job

Omniscope Classic

Native desktop application for in-memory data editing, processing and analysis, with IOK file reporting and free Viewer.

Omniscope Classic is your desktop in-memory data exploring app by definition, built and enriched with ETL and reporting features over the last 17 years.


Your choice if working with medium sized datasets (eg.10m records), and need a powerful data editing and processing tool combined with solid reporting functionality through file-based sharing to our free Viewer.

Experience Native desktop app
Scalability Memory-bound
OS Windows, Mac
Data processing In-memory ETL
Analytics R statistics
Report delivery IOK files + free Viewer
Extensibility R blocks
Automation* Scheduled refresh / report delivery
Collaborate By exchanging IOK files
Security IOK file locking and password
* requires Publisher edition

Omniscope Evo

Browser-based app for scalable and extensible data processing, machine learning and visualisation, with web reporting on any device.

Evo, the next generation of Omniscope, written from scratch to solve scalability, embracing machine learning and providing a fresh and smart experience.


The best tool to collaborate on workflows and share dashboards on the web.  It’s open, so augment data workflows with custom Python / R scripts and enhance reports with any JS based visualisation (eg. from D3).

Experience Web / Desktop / Mobile app
Scalability Big Data - Live Query
OS iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux
Data processing Streaming ETL
Analytics Machine Learning blocks, Python, R
Report delivery Web URL sharing* + IOR files
Extensibility Python/R blocks, JS vis + API
Automation* Scheduled refresh / report update / API
Collaborate* Multi-users synchronised edits
Security User permissions / LDAP / SSO
* requires Team plan

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