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Recently added

Copy/paste view configurations

Concurrent execution of different workflows

Searchable menus

Hash links to report tabs

Better view picker

View options simplification

Responsive UI for workflow and report design

Variables in formulae and report

Responsive layout for report on smartphones

Saved Queries filter devices

Table view column resizing and improved performance

Pareto view

Candlestick view

Images (data-driven) in Tile view

Live tweets stream mode block

Editing data within reports (small data)

Prediction block

Network analysis block

Branding the app

Multi-table filters

Connect markers in Map / Scatter views

Fields view ('Chart' view from Classic)

Choropleth maps

Per folder user permissioning UI

Views configurator UI

Multi measures in Report app

Topic modelling block

Variable importance block

Workflow execution usability

Live query data change detection

Refresh from source

Web-based scheduler UI

Web-based admin UI

Anomaly detection block

Bulk field organiser block

JSON/XML data source

Custom data colouring

Formula-driven Content View



IOR report interchange format

IOZ project interchange format

IOD fast streaming data format

Report sharing

Brushing in all views

JDBC driver administration


CSV upload

Number/date formatting in views

Parameterised execution

Scheduled execution

Validate block

WebGL maps from MapBox

Beautiful views from Highcharts

Impala & Redshift live query

Custom JavaScript views

Export report as PDF

Print-ready free-form page layout

Multiple sources per report

Multiple reports per file

Pin dialogs

Custom Python block

High-performance Regression block

Analytics blocks


More formulae in live query / Report

KPI / key metrics view

Email output block

Live data on more vendors

Leaner, faster UI

Validation block emails

Better colour palettes

'Undo' in report design

Batch publishing

Multi-tenanted reports (per-user variants)

Automatic data refresh

Editing data within reports (large data)

Yes/No filter devices

Welcome page additions

Bookmarking blocks

Snapshot block

Grouping blocks / nested workflows

Prediction boosts / improvements

Sunburst pie view