Omniscope Evo
Browser-based app for scalable and extensible data processing, analytics and visualisation, on any device.
Omniscope Evo on any device
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More recent: Rock Candidate ☘️

Download Evo, our universal web-based scalable and extensible Omniscope, activate your licence or start the 30-day free trial on first run.

Contact us for help or to give us your much-appreciated feedback.

Includes Omniscope Classic

The latest download of Evo also bundles Omniscope Classic , the native desktop application for in-memory data editing, processing and analysis, with IOK file reporting and free Viewer.

Recommendations & known issues
  • Use the latest Chrome browser, which is fully supported. Latest versions of Edge and Firefox are also suitable. In particular, if using server-side image/PDF generation via custom blocks, be sure to have the latest Chrome (>102) on the server itself, to avoid a browser version warning appearing in the generated output.
  • For best performance, configure these antivirus exclusions.
  • Mac versions of Omniscope currently require you to approve new downloads using the Security Center. More info.
  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen may block the installer (saying “prevented an unrecognized app from starting”). Press “More info” and “Run anyway“.
  • When upgrading to 2023.1 on Linux you must follow this advisory.
  • Omniscope Mobile, an older web interface to Classic IOK files, has been removed. You should migrate your web facing IOK files to modern Evo configurations.
  • In 2023.2 onwards, 32-bit deployments are no longer supported. The Windows installer no longer includes 32-bit support. Other OS builds are already 64-bit only.
  • Also see previous advisories.
Version numbers

Version 2021.1 represents the first release in the year 2021. To produce the next “Rock” 💎 stable build, we enter a “Rock Candidate” ☘️ phase, in which we freeze development and just add fixes, running extensive tests until the next Rock build is created. A shamrock ☘️ crystallises into a rock 💎.


Build naming

Typically on a daily basis, Omniscope builds with the latest developments are tested and uploaded to our download page. They are classified as follows:

  • Rock 💎 : these have undergone an extensive period of hands-on testing and fixing.
  • Rock Candidate ☘️ : these are produced during the feature freeze candidate phase where Omniscope build quality improves until it becomes the new Rock.
  • Daily : any daily build made from the main development or feature branch.
  • Passing automated tests ✔: these have completed a large set of automated tests, including a wide variety of use case simulations, and passed all.

For production servers, choose the latest Rock build. If you want to see the latest developments as soon as they are released, choose the latest of all daily builds; you’ll be able to send us your comments with the shortest feedback loop.

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