A selection of our partners, helping deliver great Omniscope solutions to a wider client base.

Featured partner: Avizua

Official distributor for France and Omniscope software specialist. Offering hands-on consultancy and advising companies on implementation. Providing tailored training sessions to teach the clients how use Omniscope as a self-service BI tool. Helping with all phases of solution implementation, from systems integration to dashboard development. Dealing with clients in multiple verticals – public sector, education, finance, science and commercial.

Featured partner: BizWize Consulting

BizWise Consulting is an automation business that creates value for their client’s through automating data, reconciliations and processes via distinct product offerings. BizWize Consulting has delivered a wide array of automation projects across numerous businesses such as Global Client Contact centres, Banking Payment Operations, Asset Management Operations, Cash Processing Centres, Numerous Financial Business Units, Logistics, Switchboard Manufacturing and Health Insurance. The types of projects include automating and building Unit Cost of Processing models, call prediction forecasts, large suspense account reconciliations, data migrations, data health and quality checks, tax (FATCA) reporting, inventory and quality management in manufacturing, asset management reconciliation and consolidation of financial close.

Balance Sheet Substantiation Process: Analytics and Reporting dashboard

BizWize Consulting’s solution, AccuRec, assisted the largest Tier 1 bank on the African continent to automate and digitise their monthly balance sheet substantiation process which efficiently consolidated their Core Banking accounts to the General Ledger and enabled users to attest to the balance. On top of the automation solution, BizWize Consulting used Omniscope to provide key process performance metrics to assist the business meet their Financial Close deadlines and effectively manage any Value at Risk on the accounts. The dashboard provides further insight around the how recon clerks and recon managers perform:

Featured partner: PredictX

PredictX is the single, trusted source for improved company decision-making. We are always one step ahead – using advanced data analytics and AI to combine multitudes of data into a single source of truth that, most importantly, drives positive action.

We are highly experienced in working in the Managed Business Travel, Healthcare and Retail industries. Together with our advanced software and our trusted domain expertise, we will change the way your business makes decisions.

Featured partner: Coupa

Coupa Software is a global technology platform for Business Spend Management. The company helps small, medium, and large companies gain visibility into, and control over, the money and resources spent within their organizations.

Featured partner: HongKe

HongKe Technology Co., Ltd. is our partner distributor in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China (Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’an, Beijing), offering IT and app support, Omniscope consultancy and training.



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