Omniscope Classic Editor



Import, transform, edit, analyse, visualise, present and publish data to free Viewers


  • Import, integrate, transform and export data using drag-and-drop DataManager workspace
  • Visually explore, filter and analyse data in DataExplorer, with customisable filters, views, tabs, layout and branding
  • Create and share fully-configured IOK report files, secure and highly-compressed, opening in unlimited free Viewers


If you prefer recurring payments, choose the


Native desktop application for in-memory data editing, processing and analysis, with IOK file reporting and free Viewer.
Omniscope Classic is your desktop in-memory data exploring app by definition, built and enriched with ETL and reporting features over the last 18 years.
Your choice if working with medium sized datasets (eg.10m records), and need a powerful data editing and processing tool combined with solid reporting functionality through file-based sharing to our free Viewer.

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