How to Edit data and Execute Workflow from Report

We’ve recently developed the Data Table block and added editing capabilities in the Table View.
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Editing + Workflow Execution

Attached here you’ll find a IOZ file to import the project locally to play with 2 interesting features:

    1. Edit data from a Report using the “Editable Table” view.  When connected to a Text Input or Data Table block the view allows you to perform data edits as if it was a simple spreadsheet app.
    2. Execute specific blocks of a Workflow through a Custom view in the Report app which uses the Workflow REST API


A simple custom view to control Workflow Execution from the Report has been added to our GitHub repo, you’ll find it in your Omniscope Evo by clicking on the Add View menu (alt+A) -> and selecting or typing “Workflow Execution”


A video which describes the project is available here. Enjoy.

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