No-code Development Platform to build data web apps

If I had to describe the realm of data solutions that us, our partners and customers are able to create with Omniscope I perhaps should start with some crazy examples, like catching bots on Twitter or timing the crypto market tops and bottoms.

No matter the topic or the vertical, once you know where is your data, in any form or shape, Omniscope will provide you with a unified data platform and a simple UI to build and deploy customised web apps for data processing, analytics and reporting. And you don’t need to know how to code.

You may have some questions, as starter “how do I access and load data“? Well, Omniscope has enough core workflow blocks to access files, web resources, databases, services, in various formats, from flat files to structured csv, Excel, JSON and XML. You just need to add and configure a block, once, and re-use it whenever you need to.

At this point you could ask: “I’ve got the data, but how do I clean it, see? It’s all messed up.” Well (2), you’ll find a rich data preparation section to solve the usual problems,  like duplicated records, misspelt words, missing values, and to perform typical operations like pivot, transpose, join, append, aggregate, sort, filter and validate data. You will have enough routines for 🧽 data prep and ETL, to build workflows to load, stream, blend and transform any data.

“But what about data analytics and machine learning, AI?” In the Analytics 🔍 section we’ve bundled quite a few outstanding blocks, to deal with the most common data problems solved with classic math, statistics and machine learning algorithms. You will be able (point and click) to perform regression to provide causal analysis or to predict the value of missing data. You’ll find groups (clustering), find associations between them (basket analysis) and anomalies in your data. And more, like leveraging time series forecast, network analysis, text analysis and topic modelling. I am sure you will have enough no-code-data-weapons to extract insights.

“Sure, but how do I build the app UX and UI to share my findings?”
📊 Dataviz? All drag-and-drop, from a set of predefined charts and views, you will be able to build reports, dashboards, or simply interactive web content / pages / tabs, allowing your end user to navigate and interact with graphs, select and filter data, drilling down, and even editing and inputting data if you wanted. You will build the final UX for your end users and embed the customised UI on your site or, viceversa, embed any other web component into the Omniscope “report” single page web app.

“Cool, but does it scale?”🚀 Data volume should not be a problem. If you need to process big data, data preparation will leverage all your machine / server resources, in a batch streaming fashion where possible. And if your data is on a SQL database, no problem, you will be able to directly live query data, and leverage your cloud SQL DB to power your dashboards.

“OK… what about automation?” It’s the key, right? 🤖 Once you build your workflows, web reports and dashboards you want to make sure everything comes to life, showing the recent version of data, and reacting on events. The Scheduler app and the Automation API will be there to run parameterised data refresh & report updates, to trigger tasks, data alerts, and configure, edit & query data. You’ll have all the tools to have Omniscope talk to other software or services, and become your friendly robot. You’ll instruct it once, and it’ll do the job for you. while you can use your time wisely to invent more.

“Sounds interesting, so…. where do I run it, do I need a particular machine or device?”
Omniscope is a web app. It was designed to be 💐 universal and deliver a fresh and smart experience on any device: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, you just need a web browser, simple (…though better if recent 😅 Chrome, Firefox and Edge).
And regarding 🏢 deployment and security, don’t worry, we won’t see your data. You can install Omniscope on-premises or on your private cloud (AWS, Google Cloud or Azure), and control data and user access / permissions using modern protocols like OIDC and SSO.

The final touch, before you ask: it’s a 🏷 white-label software: you can host branded data solutions and embedded analytics, get rid of that Visokio Omniscope logo and put your supa-dupa company branding in place. We don’t care about our branding, we only care about building and giving you the best tool for your business.

Ah, and of course, if you are a developer or you’ve got some magic code, be my guest! We made sure you can extend Omniscope and build your own data blocks and custom UI, to augment the data pipelines with your Python / R data transformation and ML/AI scripts 📜, and enhance the web UI with any HTML+JS web components and/or charts.
So you can really achieve the “omni scope” and deliver custom branded data solutions bundling your secret sauce. 😎

Does all this sound like what you’re looking for? Drop us a line, check some demos or give it a go on our public sandbox.

Peace out!

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