Website Designers Philippines

Website designers Philippines offers several web design options. These are: CMS-driven website design service; Static website design service, and; Special Creative Projects.

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CMS-driven Web Design

For this type of web design service, we integrate a CMS (content management system). CMS allows you to update your web pages in the future (after our web design stint) without developer intervention. Yes, CMS allows you to do that without coding experience.

With the use of plugins supported by the CMS, your site can be expanded to become an eCommerce system, hotel booking, LMS (learning management systems), auction site, etc. It has basic scroll animations.

We use WordPress as the CMS, no other. It’s the biggest, most comprehensive documentation, and most user-friendly CMS out there. It has a huge community and large 3rd party plugin/theme support.

Good for websites that are frequently being updated.

Static Web Design

For this type of web design service, there’ll be no CMS (content management system) integrated. So, this will be harder to create, and takes longer to construct. Hence, definitely more expensive than CMS-driven.

We may still be using plugins depending on your needs (e.g. chat plugin).

We HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

Good for websites that are not being updated frequently. It stays the way it is for a long time.

Special Creative Project

You may call it a “levelled-up” web design service with all the bells, whistles and fireworks, separating your site above the rest.

Our special creative project are usually guided by storyboards you create. If you don’t have a storyboard ready, we can create one for you with your guidance on what you want emitted on each pages.

Either we use a CMS or not, it doesn’t matter. You will find it hard to maintain it yourself, anyway, because pages will be riddled with high-performance Javascript for animations and effects, on top of CSS.

We cover 2D animations. For animation of 3D objects, we utilize canvas + WebGL. Note that you will provide 3D objects, if not frame-by-frame 2D objects that we can create motion effects on page scroll. As an example, hover your mouse on the headphones given on this page -> and scroll down/up on on headphones to see effects.

Due to intricacies, this is the most expensive among the 3 website design services.

Good for product presentation, storytelling pages, biography sites, or portfolio sites.