Organic SEO

Organic SEO is another service Mavenworks provides beyond design of website and development of web apps and PWA.

If your company is well-known offline and currently enjoying the fruits of your labor, you won’t be needing SEO anymore for your site.

But, if you are dependent on and expect your website to bring in additional profit for your company, then having a website may not be enough. It must be at least on the top 20 of SERP (search engine results pages), if not top 10, for keywords or keyphrases you prefer to excel on.

There are quick “pay-per-click” solutions offered by SE (search engines) like Google Ads. You may do Google Ads espesicially on lean seasons, if not whole year round. You would easily notice SERP having the word “Ad” on it and they’re always on top 10 of SERP.

There’s another solution that requires more time to gain good SERP. Yes, more time, but rewarding as results are permanent. We call it Organic SEO.

Organic SEO Effort

  1. WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION – It is pointless to submit unoptimized websites or webpages to search engines. To obtain high search engine rankings, your web pages must be optimized before submitting them to search engines. We shall analyze each of your keywords comparing them with your competitors and execute the best optimization efforts for each of your pages, most importantly your home page.
  2. SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION – surveys says that 85% of internet users find websites using search engines. For this reason, being listed on variaous search engines can bring alot of visitors on your site. Following the rules of each search engines, we will help you properly submit your site to popular search engines.
  3. DIRECTORY SUBMISSION– directory listing is another way of gaining popularity over the internet. We will help you submit your sites to popular directory listings on the most approriate category.
  4. LINK POPULARITY – link popularity is another factor in determining your rank on search engines. The more quality and relevant websites inbound linked to your sites, the higher your search engine rank would be. We can always help you build quality links towards your site.

Organic SEO Terms

Keywords or Keyphrases. We’ll collect from you your preferred keywords or keyphrases and we’ll do an in-depth study and do an execution plan in relation to given organic SEO effort.

Duration. Minimum duration is 6 months (working days only). We’ll execute our plan within the agreed upon period. As already mentioned, high placement on SERP can only be realized over time. But results are permanent, unless you shutdown your site, done some unfavorable modification to your pages (after our stint), or have done something to your site that violates rules, terms, conditions of SE companies.

Reports. We’ll provide you with a progress report every week-end.

Billing. Client will have to pay us every 15th and end of the covered month.

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