How to Show dynamic web content in a dashboard

A typical use case when building an interactive dashboard is to embed external web content.
Imagine you have a dataset which contains links to web pages, and you want to show the content of the web page on your dashboard upon selecting or filtering the data in your dataset.

Considering the context of a web based report, the only chance to embed a web page is by using a <iframe>.
To achieve that we have developed a simple Custom view, (code available on our GitHub repo ) which you can install on any Omniscope Evo versions directly from the “Add View” menu.


The view navigates to a URL link according to the current selection / filter state. If multiple records with multiple URLs are selected the view won’t show any content. You can play with the URL setting in the view options to control this behaviour (e.g. by changing which function to apply on the field), by default a “singleton” function is used on a text field.
N.B. some pages might not load when loading content in a iframe is not permitted by their server.

Here is how it looks, select a Url in the report below and try it yourself.
P.S. Pardon the matryoshka effect of embedding an Evo report in a web page, which contains a web page with a Evo report, which contains a web page…


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