Rocking after Rock – new Omniscope features

Difficult times can help spark creativity, so we’ve tried to use this tricky period to inspire some clever solutions.

Take a look at these new features – they should bring a smile to your face.

Data editing

Data table block

Data Table block in the workflow, linked to the improved Table View in the Report, empowers project editors and report viewers to snapshotquery and edit data, to amend mistakes or add comments and push the edited data ‘upstream’ into the workflow. Read more

Data validation

Validate data block can automate multiple data quality scans, such as data schema and values. Create alerts should something fail the criteria or add an output with diagnostics report, telling you about everything that failed, so you can quickly identify the problems. More..

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 17.38.29

Data alerts

Email block makes communication an integral part of the data management process: notify the report viewer that their report is ready, or let the analyst know they need to fix something, by sending them those validation diagnostics.

Before you ask – email output is integrated with the Batch output block, so you can use it in the multi-user publishing scenarios. More…

Block bookmarks
Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 19-45-05

Bookmark frequently used workflow blocks to avoid having to configure them repeatedly – works for the multi-tab Reports and coding blocks too!
Find more here

Salesforce integration

The Salesforce connector is now added to Evo, making it easy to integrate SF API with data coming from other sources to create a complete overview of your business, edit the CRM data, even publish it back to Salesforce, should you wish to.  Read more

Finally – we’ve added some features to make the report formatting easier.

As usual, make sure to check our changelog to see features making their way daily.


Stay tuned, stay safe and let us know if you have any feedback


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